Garage Door Installation

Tired of Struggling With a Broken Garage Door?

Arrange for speedy repairs from the pros

Your garage door is a significant entry to your home. Dealing with any malfunctions can be extremely frustrating. Instead of settling for a broken door or trying to fix it yourself, rely on Lighthouse Door Company for repairs. We fix all kinds of mechanisms, including remotes and springs.

Don't hesitate to request convenient garage door repairs. Hire us now to get help ASAP. You can call us at 831-655-1419.

5 signs you need garage door repairs

Not sure if it's time to get professional repair services? You should rely on us to fix your door if it's:

  1. Failing to respond to your remote
  2. Cracking or dented in different places
  3. Looking tarnished or rusted in certain areas
  4. Opening right away after shutting completely
  5. Making a griding sound when opening or closing
Our garage door experts repair all these issues and more. Talk to a member of our team in Monterey or Salinas, CA today.